The Last Remnant

I've been hearing mixed reviews on this game.

I don't normally go on reviews but I've been hearing different things about the battle system.


Let's just see how this game plays (*´∀`)


Not very good pictures, but I just defeated a golem in Dragon's Dogma!
Hehe~I wonder what other monsters I can find.
Running around at night in this game is kind of fun!
Scary, but fun!

"So, it begins...."

I went with Yun yesterday to Gamestop and finally bought Dragon's Dogma! The game is challenging, but I very much enjoy it~
\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

I hope to be a higher level when I play the game again later. I played for 2 hours today and I'm already having trouble in an area called "The Everfall". The zombies attack women and my Arisen and my other pawn are female so it's very frustrating to get through. Not to mention there's a bigger monster that attacks woman as well and constantly chases us!

And if you jump on the monsters' backside, he flops on his back to crush you!!!;;

I'll get through the dungeon, but I think I need to do more side quests first and get better equipment....(lol)


I finally got around to downloading the second Japanese demo of FF 零式! I believe it came out sometime after the Japanese release of the game. Trying to install the Summer demo was a pain in the ass because it was 756MB and I was 200MB short on my first memory stick so I had to dig out my second 1 GB memory stick for the game. So now, if I want to play it, I have to switch them out. It's a little inconvenient unless you have a bigger memory stick so, I suggest downloading the first Japanese demo.

You can get it right over here at →siliconera!
The file size is a bit more convenient (322MB)(。>ω<。)ノ

The Summer demo lets you change their winter uniforms to the summer uniforms, and lets you use all 14 characters so you can get a taste of each characters abilities! Trey, Cater, and Deuce are fun to use~ (Trey especially since I'm a sucker for archers). And though my Japanese isn't very good, the dialouge and voice acting in the game is wonderful~(●´ω`●)ゞ

I desperately want to learn how to use Cinque since I'm in love with her but I'm so impatient with the way she fights. I mean, sure she carries around a big mace---that should automatically tell you that she's going to be a slow attacker--but she's pretty useful against giant enemies........and her battle cries are cute and there are panty shots

I wish this game was out in North America already ;_; I wish Square Enix wasn't taking their sweet time with it! I'll be a little upset if they release it for the PS VITA.....

But, definitely download the demos and try them out!! (〃゚∇゚〃)

P.S-The soundtrack for the game is A☆MA☆ZING☆~


No words can express how I feel about the ending of this game.



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