Soul Calibur V & FFXIII-2

After re-designing her several times, I think I'm satisfied with her look!

Lorelei is her name *_*
It was Shiro at one point, lol

I hate how I have to re-learn Viola's moveset after the Character Balance Patch came out |||OTL but the game is still fun!

I've been using Character Creation the most instead of using the actual character roster (except for the occasional Lexia and Pyrrha/Pyrrha Ω, that's about it!). I was a little disappointed to hear about Talim, Amy, and Seong-Mina not returning in the game and Killik, Edge Master, and Elysium are a waste of space since they all change weapons in battle :\

Also, I found some really interesting information on Xiba, Lexia, Killik, and Xianghua! D:
I won't say it here since I don't want to spoil it but ahslkfhalfh it's not mentioned in game--but hasdlfasdkghlgh ♥


I have 121/160 Fragments obtained in XIII-2! Academia 4xx -AF- is a pain the ass! Captain Cryptic is so irritating to look for! It's unreal! (=A=#)

But all of Noel and Serah's roles are maxed to a Level 99 and I also got Lightning in the Colosseum!

Her punishment for having had made me fight her so many times lol;;


I maxed her out as soon as I got her and fused 3 monsters with she's pretty much invincible lol;;;;

My goal is to get Amador next. (*___*)

It's not allergies?!

I'm sick! (ノД`)・゜・。

I don't have time for this.
I really don't ;;



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