I finally got around to downloading the second Japanese demo of FF 零式! I believe it came out sometime after the Japanese release of the game. Trying to install the Summer demo was a pain in the ass because it was 756MB and I was 200MB short on my first memory stick so I had to dig out my second 1 GB memory stick for the game. So now, if I want to play it, I have to switch them out. It's a little inconvenient unless you have a bigger memory stick so, I suggest downloading the first Japanese demo.

You can get it right over here at →siliconera!
The file size is a bit more convenient (322MB)(。>ω<。)ノ

The Summer demo lets you change their winter uniforms to the summer uniforms, and lets you use all 14 characters so you can get a taste of each characters abilities! Trey, Cater, and Deuce are fun to use~ (Trey especially since I'm a sucker for archers). And though my Japanese isn't very good, the dialouge and voice acting in the game is wonderful~(●´ω`●)ゞ

I desperately want to learn how to use Cinque since I'm in love with her but I'm so impatient with the way she fights. I mean, sure she carries around a big mace---that should automatically tell you that she's going to be a slow attacker--but she's pretty useful against giant enemies........and her battle cries are cute and there are panty shots

I wish this game was out in North America already ;_; I wish Square Enix wasn't taking their sweet time with it! I'll be a little upset if they release it for the PS VITA.....

But, definitely download the demos and try them out!! (〃゚∇゚〃)

P.S-The soundtrack for the game is A☆MA☆ZING☆~


No words can express how I feel about the ending of this game.



Been without an OTAKU USA magazine and pocky for several months.
Lucky me, this issue has Panty & Stocking on the front~~♥



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