Lazy ~

I was going to post an event report but I'm too lazy and I don't remember a whole lot (lol). But I did have a lot of fun and I'm definitely going again next year!

The next Summer event that I would be going to was going to be Otakon, but I won't be attending again (I missed last year as well). People are a little upset with me, and some are understanding as to why I won't be going but, there is always next year!

AZ 2012: Pre-event

Picture from earlier today.
Censored my face because the heat was melting my makeup OTL

Not much to say other than that'll probably never pre-register again! It took too long and the regular registration line in which Yun-chan went in super quick. Some people hadn't the slightest idea who I was cosplaying because there were some who haven't even played Final Fantasy XIII-2!! Granted, I did run into a small handful of people who knew that I was cosplaying Noel, it still made me sad that I got mistaken for Yuna instead! >.<;;

I'm hoping to run into other FFXIII-2 cosplayers the remainder of the weekend!

I will make a proper report after the event/con is over....


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keeping my dad company in the hospital until he gets discharged.
He had foot surgery (Bunion Surgery) last night so they had to keep him for 24 hours.

It'll be an interesting day!

9 days until AZ!

Geez, time sure does fly!

My progress on Noel is finally taking shape and coming along slowly.
(These pictures are from last week)

I've worked on the shirt more today but nothing has really changed (lol). I'm having trouble trying to sew on the stripes so I'm going to hunt down my hot glue gun and give that a go before I start painting on the awkward designs on the front of his shirt.

Other than that, I'm quite pleased with how the shirt is turning out! I did get a lot of help from my friend, Yuns' mother (especially with the pants!) so I really can't take all the credit for this cosplay.


Out with Yun today!
Buying fabric paint and getting help with my Noel ccosplay~<3


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