Leftovers ( ・∀・)=b

I was digging through my container of left over fabric and I happened to stumble upon two yards of black fabric!! It's enough for Summer Uniform Cinque from FF零式!!

That pattern isn't necessarily the pattern I'm going to use just yet. I'm still observing the Summer Uniform....the collar looks really weird to me but I'll figure something out (lol)

Left over red fabric!( ・∀・)=b

Several friends of mine told me not to use the shiny fabric (bottom) and told me that I could either use the burgundy fabric that has the plaid designs on it or make extra work for myself and paint the plaid pattern on the soft fabric.

...I think I'll use the burgundy fabric since the color in the official drawing looks dark anyways;;

I'll try and work on it as soon as possible...

...hopefully tomorrow (lol)

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